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Anis Mebarek received his B.A in Film-making at the prestigious New York Film Academy,  then moved to France, where he continued his work in Post production with Foret Bleue FX a leading French post production studio.

Anis has a wealth of corporate video and commercial film industry pre-production, production and post-production knowledge having worked within Europe, the Middle East and Asia and with major advertising agencies and major brands.

Anis knows the mechanics of film-making in great detail. He talks the talk and walks the walk. This is invaluable when meeting new clients and this is a major passion for Anis. He is a people person. 

Anis is also in charge of the UAV Drone school services and he is even qualified (France 2013) in Drone-Advanced-Camera-Sensors for thermal, Infrared and other advanced drone survey, mapping, inspection services. In fact, Anis is a "Pilot Instructor" internationally licensed in France in 2016.

Internationally Licensed Aerial UAV (UAS)  Pilot & Qualified UAV Pilot Instructor

ULM Theoretical Pilot License   |   Drone Instructor Certification by the French Ministry.

Drone & Camera Operator    |   Pilot & Qualified UAV Pilot Instructor

Thai Licensed Aerial UAV (UAS)   |   French Licensed Aerial UAV

Aerial Infrared Thermography camera Certificate   |   Aerial Photogrammetry Certificate


DOP, Editor, Motion Graphics & Post-Production Manager

Languages: English, French, Arabic, Basic Thai

whatsapp/Tel : +971562206230

Anis Mebarek
Executive Producer

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