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Why Filming in Thailand

Fast approval for filming and efficient government procedures
                   Permission to film in Thailand is granted by the Film Board of Thailand, comprised of representatives from many government agencies. These representatives formed the Sub-Committee on the Review of the Request for the Permission for Foreign Film Production in Thailand (SRF), appointed by the Film Board. Their review facilitates a “one-stop” service for filmmakers, assuring fast-approval for permission to film, given that all required information and documents are in order.  

An unmatched diversity of locations/scenery

                   Thailand’s diversified geographical characteristics, historical sites, and lifestyle of our people offer unmatched diversity of locations, and storylines. All locations are conveniently accessible via our modern and convenient transportation mode. Thailand geography presents a system of mountainous region in the north, the uplifting of plateau in the northeast, the central plains, and coastlines paralleled by the Andaman Sea, and the Gulf of Thailand in the south.

                   Our historical sites are found throughout Thailand. These historical sites are the remnants of the different eras in Thailand dating back to the Sukhothai (600-14000 AD), and the Rattanakosin (1782 A.D.-present). The lifestyle of our people is a synchronization of ancient, and modern, and a harmonic blend of rural and urban, to provide an unparalleled filming experience. At the Chao Phraya, and Mekong River Basins, traditional ‘ancient’ lifestyles along the waterfronts synchonize with ‘modern’ day living.

Equipped with the most advanced technology

                   Thailand is ready to provide to international filmmakers with talented crews and technicians, filming equipment and studios. Due to the competitive nature of the entertainment and technology industry, our entertainment equipment, and the skills of four technicians are all keeping pace with rapid international advancement. World-class pre-production, production, post-production and communication equipment is thus at low cost.


Abundant skilled and creative human resources
                   Renowned to the world as the “ Land of Smiles, our people are gentle, friendly and are widely recognized for their hospitality. This nature has nurtured Thais into being service-minded, hard working and flexible. Local production crews have worked in many international productions over the years developing the skills in the domestic industries. We are now ready to expand our services to serve international film and television markets.

                   Our skilled and creative production resources, specialists in pre-production, production and post-production processes are now confident to work in international environments helping you transform your dream onto film.

Low costs of production and living expenses
                   A.T.A Carnet Law applies in Thailand. This means that temporary admission exempt of import tax is allowed for all professional equipment. This includes production equipment provided that all equipment brought in for filming provided that all equipment brought in for filming is brought back out again when the filming is concluded. In addition, Thailand has signed Double Taxation Treaties with many foreign countries. These treaties are designed to prevent foreigners from countries legislated under the taxation treaties from taxation in their home country and again in Thailand.

                   Living expenses are low, whether it would be accommodations, food, transportation fees, recreation, and every other kind of living expense. When working with tight budgets, you will find your money stretches much further in Thailand.

All round convenience

                   A variety of accommodation, food, transportation, and services for filmmakers can be found in Thailand. Accommodation from five-star hotels to guesthouses can be selected to meet your budget. International cuisine is available from the finest restaurants or more convenient dishes can be found at roadside vendors. In addition, our transportation infrastructure facilitates travel and provides convenience for film crews. Vehicles such as motor homes, tour buses, helicopters and marine crafts are for rent at an extremely reasonable cost.

                   Filming in Thailand is hassle-free, as local coordination companies handle all arrangements. These companies provide assistance for all legal documentation from filming and work permits to contact and coordination with all related agencies. Local coordination services include recruitment of production crews and talent, location scouting and fulfilling clients’ specific needs for equipment, special effects and other technical services.

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