Foreign filmmakers are required to hire a local coordinator (company or individual) who is officially registered with the Thailand Film Office, Office of Tourism Development. Each coordinator must represent the foreign filmmaker for obtaining any necessary permits. They are also responsible for repressnting the film company in any matter arising both during and after the completion of shooting in Thailand. You can find a list of local coordinator in this guidebook (Production Services Section) 

Once you have chosen and hired a local coordinator, they will help you compile the necessary documents to present to the Thailand Film Office on your behalf. 

When a permit is granted, a Monitoring Officer will be appointed by the Thailand Film Office who is sent form the concerned government agencies to monitor and give advice at the shooting locations. He/She will apply a signed sticker to all film/tape used, confirming its content has been officially monitored. Filming is not allowed, under any circumstances, without acknowledgement of the Monitoring Officer. 

A shooting permit enables foreign filmmakers to shoot in Thailand, however separate permits are required for specific locations such as National Parks. Historical Parks. All arrangements should be made as far as possible in advance of shooting dates. 

There is no permit fee, service charge or cash guarantee (bond) necessary to complete the application process. But the filmmaker is required to pay for a perdiem to Monitoring Officer of 3,000 Baht per day/person. 

Payment for the services of local coordinator is as agreed between the said coordinator and and the filmmaker. The Thailand Film Office has no involvement in this arrangement, including the setting of rates for services provided.


Note: According to the Film Act B.E. 2551(2008), any foreign filmmaker wishing to shoot film including documentary, music video, commercial, TV program and docudrama in Thailand, has to apply for permission from Thailand Film Office. OTD. Failure to seek the permission will subject violators to punitive fines and prison terms as stated in the Act.



Licensed Film Coordinator

Licensed by The Thailand Film Office as an International Film Coordinator. We can provide filming permits, Visas and Work permits for film assignments and photo-shoots.


To give you a permit cost - we need to know the answers to these questions.

To make an application and to know the cost of an application we first need some basic information about your assignment. Please provide us with answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your schedule? Arrival date/ 1st shooting day? final shooting day? Departure date? Tot number of days in Thailand?

  2. What type of film project are you undertaking: Feature film, TV show, Reality Show, Music Video, Documentary etc?

  3. How many people will come to Thailand for this assignment?

  4. What are their positions?

  5. Which country are they all from (Nationalities)?

  6. What film locations are you looking for?

  7. Do you already have film locations in mind? if so, please name them? 

  8. Are you bringing your own camera equipment? What type of camera?

  9. Do you want to hire camera or film equipment?


These questions are all relevant to the film permit costs. Please answer them all as best you can. From this we can give you the permit costs.


Production companies shooting TV commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos and TV programs should apply for permission at the One-Stop-Service Center where the process of application will be completed within 5 working days. For other types of productions e.g. Feature Films, Docudramas, TV dramas, Mini-Series and Reality Show, applications should be made at the Thailand Film Office at least 14 days (10 working days) in advance as script approval must be sought from the Film B