Drone Training

This comprehensive high-quality training is dedicated to all those who wish to efficiently prepare the UAV license (for drones) which is required in Europe & Asian to perform professional tasks, but also for drone pilots wishing to receive a periodic training in order to maintain a high level or to improve their piloting skils.

This team is composed of experienced drone pilots, airline pilots and aeronautical engineers specially trained to teach the highest level of knowledge, skills and abilities.

The practical drone pilot training takes place in our specialized centers and is provided using two radio controls (the student's radio is continuously supervised by the trainer's transmitter). This offers the following advantages:

  • allow the student drone pilot to gradually get used to the control of the drone

  • the trainer can take control of the drone at any time if necessary

  • the aspiring drone pilot can learn to fly without stress, knowing that the trainer constantly monitors the flight and that he can take over the drone's control in case of need

  • make learning to pilot the drone accessible even to people without any drone piloting experience

The aspiring drone pilot will have access to the necessary teaching materials that meet the European & Asian standards